Green algae were once called Chlorophyta.

They have now been technically separated into many groups. With over 7,000 species, they are a much easier term to remember.

They are the most diverse group of algae. Only 10% of them are in marine forms though.

Some are less desirable but they are typically the most beneficial of the algae.

They are color green because they chlorophyll pigments are identical to those of higher plants. Many are seaweeds and appear as a green cloudiness in the water. It forms a green film on the aquarium glass sometimes.

Larger ones may come in desirable plant-like shapes or less desirable hair and mat-like forms. But the most attractive are cultivated and sold as an attractive additions to the aquariums.

Popular Types

Caulerpa spp


This is the most popular. Members of this group come in a variety of colors, from lime green to bluish brown.

They usually have single stalk with blade-like leaves. They are cultivated an offered by many dealers.


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Halameda spp


Algae in that belong in this type contain calcium. They resemble underwater cacti growing as a series of circular flat plates.

The white calcium from these algae contributes to the sparkling white sand that you see on Caribbean beaches, when they die. In the quarium, they are indication of a healthy environment.

Valonia spp


These species of algae are what we commonly called bubble algae.

They form clusters of bubbles. They can overgrow an aquarium and should be maintained and regularly cropped.

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