Welcome to saltwater aquarium beginner guide section. The title explains it all. You will learn the basic information you’ll need to understand before buying your first aquarium or even before thinking of keeping one.

This article will give you a summary of the basic things you will need to understand and then move on to their deeper details as you go along.

Keeping a saltwater aquarium in an exciting hobby. Seeing a smaller part of the ocean in your own home is quite amazing. There are hundreds of species to choose from. There is so much color and life these little creatures bring.

First on the list of our saltwater aquarium beginner guide is to do your RESEARCH. I’m glad you found our website as you will learn tons of information that you’ll need to start your aquarium. So please go ahea and read, learn and understand the main idea for having a successful saltwater aquarium.

Another important factor is to ask yourself if you are ready and willing to invest not only your money but also your time in this exciting hobby.

clown fish on anemone

clown fish on anemone

Once you are ready, find out what saltwater fish do you like the most.

Actually, go grab a notebook and make notes of the things you will learn so you can easily just go back later on from your notes.

Feel free to view some of the fish you can get online. You can buy them online or from a local retailer near you. I would recommend one of our vendors for live fish – Saltwaterfish. They have quite a selection of saltwater fish.

Clownfish or any of the fish from the movie ‘Finding Nemo’ are getting more and more popular to beginner aquarist. Not only did they appear in that movie but they will also be so colorful in your saltwater aquarium.

There is also other unlimited selection of inhabitants that you can buy not only fish. Look into that as well. Once you have an idea on what to get and which ones are your favorite, consider thinking if they can all be in one aquarium. Every single species has its own specific requirements.

A compatibility chart will be helpful to know which fish are compatible with each other.

Next, is trying to understand what kind of aquarium is recommended for your fish and other inhabitants. There’s also tons of selection to choose from. Make sure you pick the right one from the start. Proper selection of everything you need from the start will contribute in a successful saltwater aquarium.

Then think of what types of equipments would you need for your saltwater fish to survive and how do you keep them healthy?

I hope that these questions and your ideas for its answer won’t overwhelm you. Don’t panic! This is a very exciting journey. Relax and plan smart!

You will be more excited once your new saltwater aquarium is running. But for now, let Saltwater Aquarium Beginner Guide help you answer those questions.

Now lets get into more basic details of saltwater aquarium filters, lighting, and temperature.

Aquarium Filters

Filtration means cleaning and purification of saltwater in your aquarium. Like the filters we use at home. [read more…]

Aquarium Lighting

Light is the major source of energy for all living things. This is why saltwater aquarium lighting is.
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Aquarium Temperature

Sudden changes in your saltwater aquarium temperature can cause stress to your fish and other inhabitants.
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