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The following are saltwater aquarium heater feature that you need to look for when purchasing aquarium heaters.


This saltwater aquarium heater feature is the switch that controls the temperature of the heater.

It comes in a variety of styles nowadays. Some are built-in, which other have it separately.

Bimetallic Strip

The most common aquarium heater has a built-in thermostat. Older models have a mechanical thermostat called bimetallic strip.

They tend to lose efficiency with time and then fail to work properly.

But if you still try to buy this kind, get the one that has magnetic contacts.

These close the circuit more effectively. It decreases the wear and tear on the unit.


Yes, heaters with bimetallic strip thermostats are cheaper but heaters with electronic thermostats are better. It operates more efficiently than the older mechanical thermostat.

They detect water temperature more accurately from the glass body of the heater instead of from the air inside the glass body.

Also, when the more advanced electronic heaters fail, it turns “off”. This way the fish won’t be cooked if the heater broke.

So try to keep an eye on your aquarium water temperature every single day!

Temperature Control

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Temperature control is another saltwater aquarium heater feature I would like for you to look into.

What you use to set the desired temperature is the temperature control. All heaters have this. It is closely related to a thermostat.

Heaters with bimetallic strip thermostats have control knobs. You need to set it up yourself using a thermometer.

You can avoid doing this by buying one of the more advanced electronic heaters available. The control knob lets you select the temperature you want. All you have to do is simply set the control to 75°F without any other adjustments.

Double check the temperature even if you are using electronic heater after the initial setting. You would want to make sure that it is working properly.

Thermal Protection


If you put water and electricity together, most people would think that it is an accident waiting to happen.

You’re putting a glass tube with electrical wirings inside into an aquarium filled with water and live animals!

Water and electricity just doesn’t go together ok. This is why protective options are available and is the last on my list of saltwater aquarium feature in heaters.

Your fish will surely check and investigate your submerged heater in the aquarium. It will most likely be pushed into the wall or a piece of coral or live rock then cracks!

Buy a heater with suction cups. It will keep the heater in one location. If the one that you have doesn’t have suction cups, try to purchase them separately.

The glass body of the heater itself can also be protected. Others already have protective finishes on the body. The protective coatings include titanium, ceramic, Teflon, silicone and even stainless steel.

It may cost more but its worth it.

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