Trigger Fish

So, everyone knows what stress is, but everybody’s meanings are different. I am referring any condition in which the normal biological functioning of an animal is disrupted.

Let’s try to understand what it is and how it affects our saltwater aquarium fish.

It can happen to any animal, including your saltwater aquarium fish. Poor living conditions weaken your saltwater fish and lower the fish’s resistance.

This is when the fish is most vulnerable to diseases. In biological terms, the normal biological function of an animal is called its homeostasis.

Anything that disrupts the animal’s homeostasis is a stressor, and the animal is said to be stressed.

Remember that the best way to deal with it is by avoiding it! So you need to learn how to recognize it and try to identify the problem in your saltwater aquarium.

It will become obvious to you if your fish is healthy or not when you look at it. Appearance and behavior will look different than normal. This is not really complicated.

You feed your fish everyday so this is the best time to look and really examine if there is something wrong.

Perform water tests, make and check notes, and look at the list of conditions here. Hopefully you’ll be able to isolate the cause.

But what exactly are you looking for? Let’s get into a little bit of detail on this.

Behavioral Signs

  • Not being hungry or loss of appetite. I think that even us don’t feel hungry or feel like eating anything if we’re sick, right? If they were eating before and suddenly lose interest on food tells you something is wrong.Try giving them something that they usually can’t refuse. Like live food for example.
  • Another symptom to look for is laziness. They may be hiding all the time and they typically keep their fins folded close to their body. Or maybe not swimming at all.
  • A clear sign is when they spend too much time at the surface hyperventilating or gasping. This is not necessarily sign of disease, but probably and indication of poor water quality and low dissolved oxygen.
  • If they display rubbing onto surfaces or twitching, then you obviously have some kind of problem. Usually, fish that experience this behavior are the ones that are infected with parasites. They rub themselves against gravel and aquarium decorations.

Let’s look at some conditions that are stressful to saltwater fish:

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