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Fish Acclimation

2018-07-13T21:19:59+00:00By |Uncategorized|

Fish acclimation of your new inhabitant to your saltwater aquarium is one of the most important factors you need to learn and consider before starting a new saltwater aquarium. Proper cclimation will ensure smooth transition of transfer from the bag [...]

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Saltwater Fish Acclimation Methods

2018-07-13T21:04:28+00:00By |blog, fish|

Acclimate means to become used to a new environment or situation. Saltwater fish acclimation takes time but will reduce your disappointment of watching them struggle and stress or just sink to the bottom of your tank. Proper acclimation helps reduce [...]

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Corals Acclimation Procedure

2018-07-13T20:57:27+00:00By |corals, blog|

Another challenge that you will face when keeping a saltwater aquarium is corals acclimation. Here are the corals acclimation procedures that you can follow that will hopefully help you in acclimating your precious corals. It will cause less stress to [...]

Wavemakers in Aquarium

2014-09-16T15:59:17+00:00By |blog|

pink anemone Wavemakers in aquarium are one of the best ways to simulate the natural motion of the reefs. They are generally a multiple outlet power strip that alternates power on a fluctuating basis to a set of [...]

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