Sudden changes in your saltwater aquarium temperature can cause stress to your fish and other inhabitants.

saltwater aquarium temperature

The natural water temperature in the reef is 75°F to 79°F. This is what you need to replicate in your saltwater aquarium.

Your aquarium temperature will very likely to change and may cause the following.

  • damage to the fish’s immune system
  • stress
  • diseases
  • algae outbreaks

This is why is very important to the life of your fish.

The oceans of the world are not the same in temperature.

Colder waters are present in the northern areas like New England.

Temperate fishes inhibit these areas. These fishes are also well adapted to low light levels and shorter days.

In contrast, warmer waters are present in the Caribbean. The most common fishes in the saltwater aquarium are tropical coral reef species.

Tropical refers to the waters in their natural habitat where it is warm throughout the year.

saltwater aquarium temperature

So this means you MUST heat your aquarium water. That’s why investing on aquarium heaters are important for your aquarium. It will maintain your aquarium water at a constant temperature.

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It is possible for your saltwater aquarium to become too warm, especially during hot summer days.

If you’re looking for a short term solution, try to fill a plastic bag with ice cubes, seal it and float it in the aquarium or in the filter sump.

But a better solution is that you might need to add a chiller during summer when it gets too hot. And it might be necessary for you to turn off your heater.

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But whatever it is that you need to do, another important thing to remember is “slowly change the temperature of your tank”.

You can reduce the high probability of causing stress to your fish if you follow that simple reminder.

Ideal Saltwater Aquarium Temperature


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