Live foods are an excellent source of nutrition for the saltwater fish.

It is also an important requirement for captive saltwater fish.

They must be included as one of their dietary supplements.

One source of live food that is available in the market is brine shrimp. This is the most popular for saltwater fish.

Brine shrimp are filter feeders – they will eat small particles such as yeast, microalgae, egg yolk and other materials.

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Brine shrimp are an excellent source of lipids and protein. And of all the ones available, they are the safest because they don’t carry disease.,/p>

Another advantage is that you can raise them yourself. Many dealers sell brine shrimp eggs.

Other live foods

Small Fish: Live-bearers such as minnows, mollies, and others are the perfect example. These are perfect for larger fish like lionfish.

Earthworms: These small worms are a good supplement for small saltwater fish. They can be served whole or in pieces, depending on the size of your saltwater fish. Be sure to thoroughly rinse these backyard dirt dwellers.

Blackworms and tubifex worms: They are freshwater worms and are available from many dealers. They have high in nutrition and readily accepted by the saltwater fish. They will not live long in salt water, so feed them sparingly.

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