Aquascaping aquarium is just like decorating our homes.

And when it comes to decorating our homes, everyone has their own taste.

Well, saltwater aquariums are no different. There are, however, many different things to consider before adding your personal touch.

When creating a living reef in your living room, there are a few things to consider before adding your personal touch.

The most important thing to keep in mind is equipment.

Your powerheads, heaters, overflows, and various other pieces of unsightly filtration equipment tend to be very unnatural and take away from the oasis of nature in your home.

Aquascaping Aquariums

To avoid this, it is important to plan the equipment layout before any rock or coral is added.

This way you will be aware of your construction needs, and can plan accordingly.

When it comes to actual construction, all that is needed is a little ingenuity.

Keep in mind that open caves and caverns in your rockwork are not only aesthetically appealing, but also useful for waterflow, and as a habitat for many secretive creatures.

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The use of PVC as a base for your structure can be very effective.

PVC is an inert material.

It will never leach anything into your water, and it will never degrade.

Using a small drill bit, and some wire ties, you can create anything you set your mind to.

Another thing to keep in mind when aquascaping aquarium is your future needs.

When starting a reef aquarium, it is very important to decide what kind of corals you want to keep so you can plan accordingly.

Reef Aquarium

Corals with high lighting requirements need a lot of structure high in the aquarium, as close to the light as possible.

The same is true for moderate to low light corals. Sand dwelling corals and tridacna clams need plenty of open sandbed space.

All of these thoughts should precede the actual building phase of your design.

The last thing to keep in mind when aquascaping aquarium is the future growth patterns of the corals you will be keeping.

Colonial corals will grow into crevices, onto walls, and even onto filtration equipment and wires!

Large polyped corals will open up and take over large open spaces.

Some corals will grow very slowly, and as such, will not cover up spaces or unsightly features.

Always plan out what corals you want, and how they look not only today, but tomorrow as well!

Check out these videos of a sample rockwork/aquarium aquascapes

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