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When I created this site, my first goal was to share my knowledge of saltwater aquarium keeping.

There are lots of us out there that wants to start this hobby but is hesitant because of its difficulty.

One of my goals was to let them know that this hobby is very rewarding and that if you have enough knowledge to cover the basic needs and important aspects about saltwater aquarium, it's not really that hard.

I've covered basic topics at a beginner level on this site that will help any of you who wants to start in this amazing hobby.

YOU can help support and deliver the message to everyone you know that this saltwater aquarium keeping is truly an exciting and educational hobby to anyone, children and grown ups alike.

How? Well, since you asked.... there are many ways you can help. Choose one or choose them all!!

No matter what method you choose, every little bit helps! I truly appreciate your help in promoting saltwater aquarium hobby!

Czarina Nocon

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