Trickle filters are also known as wet/dry filters.

This used to be very popular to saltwater hobbyist who built their own filter systems.

There are lots of manufacturers nowadays that manufacture all kinds of styles and sizes for home aquariums.

Aqueon ProFlex Sump Model 3, 65-110-Gallon
  • Three chambered system allows for filtration flexibility
  • Setup options: Refugium, Wet/Dry, Berlin
  • Constructed of durable acrylic
  • Constructed of durable acrylic
  • Sumps work with Aqueon Submersible Utility Pumps

Wet/dry filters maximize the exposure of the aquarium water to bacteria and air at the same time.

This way the bacterial conversion of ammonia is efficient.

Wet/Dry or Trickle Filters

An overflow box on the back of the aquarium brings the water from the aquarium to a trickle filter box.

It is usually divided into two sections.

One contains layers of filter media for mechanical, biological and chemical filtration. This area is dry except for the lower part.

Aqueon ProFlex BioMedia Accessory Pack, Model 3
  • For use with ProFlex Model 3
  • Ideal accessory to create additional surface area needed for biological filtration
  • Turn the ProFlex into a traditional wet/dry trickle filter
  • Great for use in freshwater and fish-only saltwater applications

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The other section has a pump and other optional equipments.

The water from the aquarium is trickled evenly over the first section though the filter media where it collects at the bottom. It then moves to the other section and return to the aquarium.

It is called wet/dry because of their division. The dry part involves the layers of filter media above the wet part. The water is exposed to air and bacteria for a good conversion of ammonia to nitrate.

The wet part in the bottom section involves the further conversion of nitrogen compounds (nitrate) to less harmful nitrogen gas. The bacteria that do this don’t need oxygen. The wet part makes this happen.

They offer greater advantages over other filter systems in terms of effectiveness. Many in the market today offers aquarium components you can add to it. Heater and protein skimmers are some of the equipments you can add.

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