Saltwater aquarium specific gravity is important to know when keeping a saltwater aquarium at home.
Specific gravity is the amount of dissolved salt in the aquarium water.

Too much of this can cause your saltwater fish to get stressed and can also be one of the main factors why your fish cannot thrive your aquarium too well and ends up dying.

It is suggested to read you specific gravity regularly. Try weekly at first after you set up your aquarium.
Then every two weeks and so one once you’ve maintained a balanced water chemistry.

Instant Ocean Hydrometer

Instant Ocean Hydrometer

To measure your aquarium’s specific gravity, aquarist uses a device called hydrometer or a refractometer.

They are able to measure your water salinity. I use a hydrometer for measuring my water. There’s also a selection of refractometers here if you would like to check them out.

You might also want to consider a consider a portable refractometer or a high tech electronic salinity monitor if you want to get a professional measurement results.

It is also a good idea to note your saltwater aquarium specific gravity before changing your water so that you can keep or maintain the same reading after water changes. Too much of a change can shock and even potentially kill your fish.

Water evaporates from your saltwater aquarium overtime. Add a clean freshwater to your tank weekly to replenish the water that evaporated. Remember to use freshwater when adding more water and not a prepared saltwater. Salt stays in your aquarium when water evaporates so topping off with salt water will just increase the levels of salinity in your aquarium.

You can either buy a pre-mixed saltwater, ready to use for your saltwater aquarium, or if you plan to use filtered water or the tap water at home make sure you get a sea salt mix. Follow the set up instruction on the manufacturer?s label on how to properly prepare your water using the sea salt mix.

I would also get water from my aquarium in a separate container and drop my hydrometer on it before measuring the water in the aquarium to condition the hydrometer 24 hours prior to doing it.

Recommended Specific Gravity Levels

Reef Aquarium: 1.023 to 1.025
FOWLR Aquarium: 1.020 to 1.025

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