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Choosing the proper saltwater aquarium location during your planning process of having an aquarium will really help you in a long run. So try not to take this matter lightly.

Think of a place in your home where you spend a lot of time. This I can say would be your perfect location. Why?

Well, since you pretty much spend most of your time in this area of your home, you might as well relax here while watching the beauty of your saltwater aquarium.

But this doesn’t mean the garage if you’re other hobby is fixing car (like my brother who spends a LOT of time here). Or the kitchen if another one of your hobbies is cooking (like my Mom!).

So really think this through. This should be the place where you can just sit down and RELAX! With minimal distraction, I hope!

Living room or den is a great place and choice. If you use your living area a lot, the saltwater fish will acclimate to people passing through or entering and leaving the room.

But… Yes there’s a “but!” Try not to choose the busiest room in the house.

If there’s too much activity going on, it might only cause damage to your aquarium. Let say a room or area where the kids usually play. Kids playing, jumping and any other flying objects don’t really match with a relaxing and peaceful setting of your aquarium.

Saltwater aquariums are fun, but require attention. Routine check up will be easy if it is in a place where you CAN spend lots and lots of time watching the fish.

Ok, so you have the perfect saltwater aquarium location picked out. But these other factors may change your mind. If you choose a place close to window, maybe you’re thinking “Oh great! This can illuminate my aquarium better!” – WRONG! It may illuminate the room very well but it can cause problems.

Yellow Tang

I mentioned in the saltwater aquarium set up section of this website that intense sunlight and room temperature plays an important role.

Light and temperature are the two very important parameters that you will need to keep an eye on in your aquarium.

Again if your aquarium is where it will be in direct sunlight, it will cause changes in the water temperature and promote algae growth.

Algae can be good, but too much is not.

Another location you might have chosen is an area close to a door or entrances. That opening let in drafts and sunlight. It can also cause light level and temperature to fluctuate. Also, if you have a swinging door, it may hit your aquarium. This will be a one big disaster if it happens.

One more factor to consider for the saltwater aquarium location is the strength of your floor. Make sure that the area you chose can hold your aquarium when it’s all filled with water, gravel, rocks, coral and other equipments.

Saltwater weighs 8.4 lbs per gallon, so do the math!

Again, remember that you need to maintain the temperature of the saltwater aquarium constant.

Room heaters and air conditioners can also cause problems. The room heater may help the aquarium heater itself to keep the water at the right temperature.

But if it’s too close the aquarium, it may over heat your aquarium that can cause water-temperature problems.

Same concept is also true for air conditioners in the room. It can cool aquarium water.

What about water and electricity? Hmmmm. Normally, putting electrical gadgets near water is a big NO! So when choosing a saltwater aquarium location, you need to make this work. So follow the important and proper steps when setting up an aquarium.

You MUST have an access to water and power when you choose your final saltwater aquarium location. Try to find a spot with an easy access to a water and power source.

Try to understand that even you have planned where the perfect saltwater aquarium location will be with all the other factors considered, you can’t keep that area from getting wet here and then. So try to choose an area where a little water will be ok from time to time.

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