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I think that having a saltwater aquarium is an exciting hobby. Others find it difficult to keep.

Maybe because they haven’t really done the research part of it or they never really owned and kept a saltwater aquarium.

Stress-relieving hobby

That is what I call it. And I bet many aquarists will agree.

It releases the tensions and pressures of our everyday lives. I also find it very satisfying to create and see a portion of our coral reef in my own home.

Don’t you just love to relax! I do it while watching the mini waves flow inside my miniature coral reef.

These are just some of the many advantages and why saltwater aquarium is an exciting hobby.

Another benefit is that it is also educational. I learn a lot about different kinds of fish and invertebrates.

It also makes me aware of the danger of the carelessness to our coral reefs all over the world.

I guess if you are reading this section of my website, you are probably thinking of keeping one, or a fish fanatic as me.

We’re NOT Alone

Bos Fish

A lot of people have been keeping fish in captivity for centuries.

Among the first ones kept are the common goldfish somewhere in China.

Care and husbandry of fish keeping have also come a long way over centuries.

The fish world is really fascinating and yes, let’s admit it – “complex.” But research helps you understand their world.

There’s countless reference available for us to know all the information about set up and maintaining a successful saltwater aquarium. We just have to go out there and get them.

Once you finally decided to keep a saltwater aquarium yourself, I cannot say that you will not encounter any kind of problems. Even the most experienced aquarist tend to have some problems on their aquariums from time to time.

But following the steps learned from your research will help you limit those problems. And once problems arise, you will know how to deal with them.

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