Prepared dry foods are prepared with a number of healthy ingredients. They are then processed into flakes or pellets, or freeze-dried. Some of the freeze-dried natural foods are plankton, daphnia, tubifex worms and bloodworms.

Prepared dry foods try to approximate the basic requirements of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. They are also supplemented with vitamins and minerals.

Store them properly so you can retain the essential nutrients on it. Try to close is tightly when you are not using it. It should be protected from moisture, heat, and light.

As a general rule, prepared dry foods should be used within three to six months after opening. Also, do not store it in the refrigerator as it will only further reduce the rate of nutrient destruction.

Flake Foods

Flake Food

This is the most popular for aquarium fish.

They are excellent but should not be relied on as the only diet for saltwater fish.

Flake foods are prepared form a I think that tape complex group of ingredients that are blended into a slurry and then pumped to a specialized drum dryer.

As the slurry come into contact with the dryer, the food is baked. Large wafer-thin sheets are produced, which are then broken into flakes.

Some advantages of flake foods are that they are convenient to feed and store. They also contain major nutrients required by saltwater fishes and are accepted by lots of types of saltwater fish, once they have become familiar And with this type of food.

Pellet Foods

These are available as floating pellets and sinking pellets.

Floating pellets used high levels of pressure, heat, and moisture when being manufactured.

Sinking pellets sink to the bottom of the aquarium and rapidly hydrates and swells. These are excellent for bottom-dwelling fish and invertebrates. But leftover can easily foul your saltwater aquarium.

Freeze-dried Foods

These foods such as plankton, tubifex, and bloodworms are prepared by flash freezing live foods and then removing the moisture while frozen. This process minimizes the destruction of the essential nutrients. They can be easily stored and can easily be taken by your saltwater fishes.

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