It is very important to keep your aquarium water cool during the hot summer days.

Keeping the required temperature close to what it needs to be, makes the aquarium more like their natural habitat.

This will keep your fish healthier and enjoy them for a long period of time.

If this is the first summer for your aquarium, you may have a dilemma if you’re not prepared. As I always advise on most of my articles, it’s better to be prepared than sorry.

Target the possible problem right away and come up with a solution. In this case, your aquarium temperature may be too hot!

sea anemone

Most of the aquarium books say that saltwater aquariums should be kept between 75° to 82° F.

Remember that the temperature of an aquarium depends on many factors.

The size and shape of the aquarium is one of them, room temperature is

Type of lighting and distance of the lighting from the water’s surface should also be taken into account.

Even the surface water movement of the aquarium also affect’s the aquarium temperature.

So understand that each situation is different and you may want to experiment a little to get the required temperature your tank needs.

There are a number of ways to keep your aquarium cool. So don’t worry. As technology advances, these problems are now “easy to solve”. Option ranges from simple and inexpensive to high tech and costly.

So, how do I decrease the temperature?

Green Stripe Mushroom coral

If your aquarium is slightly warmer than what is required, you can use simple fans that run on a timer along with your aquarium lighting.

You can also freeze bottles of spring water and put them then float them in the tank. Or cubes of ice placed into a ziplock then float them in the tank.

These are the few simple and inexpensive ways to keep aquarium water cool. Of course, depending on the situation, it may or may not be enough or may or may not work.

You can then turn into a more reliable but expensive option. One of them is airconditioning unit which has an added bonus of keeping you cool too!

Remember that a cooler room temperature that is well-ventilated would be the best.

Another reliable, high tech but expensive way to keep aquarium water cool is investing in a No products found.

No products found.

Hamilton Technology Aqua Euro Max Aquarium Chiller, 1/13HP
Hamilton Technology Aqua Euro Max Aquarium Chiller, 1/13HP
Maintain optimum water temperature by lowering the water temperature of your tank; Digital led temperature display control accurately maintains desired temperature
Coralife Energy Savers ACL36060 Chiller 1/10hp
Coralife Energy Savers ACL36060 Chiller 1/10hp
Coralife is one of the markets leading manufacturers of premium aquarium products; Simple to install and maintain-includes reusable air filter
Hydrofarm Active Aqua Chiller, 1/10 HP
Hydrofarm Active Aqua Chiller, 1/10 HP
Microcomputer control system and LCD display, very user-friendly; Large refrigeration capacity (recommended 13-105 gal, 50-400 L). Rated BTU per hour 960

If you have a larger reef tank and have problems keeping it cool, No products found. are the best way to go.

Investing in a No products found. may also prevent your fish and other inhabitants from dying.

What is the Best Aquarium Chiller for saltwater aquariums?

These are some of the most popular brands for you to choose from:

No products found.
Hamilton Technology
Coralife line
Hydrofarm Active Aqua Chiller

Regardless of which method you use to keep aquarium water cool, be sure to do the temperature change gradually. A big change on temperature can cause a lot of stress to your aquarium inhabitants.

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