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Maintaining an ideal saltwater aquarium temperature is very important. Fluctuations on temperature will cause great stress to your fish and worst effect on live corals.

Saltwater fish normally experience a few changes in temperature in their natural habitat. It remains the same throughout the year.

So you would want to copy the natural environment and maintain a constant temperature in your aquarium as much as possible.

The main point is to keep the tempature stable in your tank. Most aquarist invest more on heaters or maybe bothe heaters and chillers.

More accurate saltwater aquarium heaters are now available to all hobbyists.

Suggested requirement is to maintain the temperature to 75°F – 79°F. This range is dependent on the type of fish or any species you choose. Natural habitat average temperature are 82°F.

Most fish and invertebrates are cold-blooded animals. It means that their body temperatures are the same as the water in which they live. Their bodies function best at a specific water temperature.

All fishes have temperature preference depending where they came from (out in their natural world).

Try asking your local pet dealer for information on aquarium temperature. Or better yet, try to read one of the many fish encyclopedias available for the specific temperature of your specific pet.

Also, try not to mix or house fishes that have a very different temperature preference. It will be easier to house the ones that require temperature that are in close range.

So with the suggested aquarium temperature given, it’s still more important to keep that stable.

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