Testing Water in Your Aquarium

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Testing water is a must for all aquariums. Since you cannot physically see water chemistry, it is very important to check it routinely.

When you fist set up your saltwater aquarium, testing the water every day is needed to monitor the water maturation process. Water chemistry will change as you begin adding fish.

After this sensitive period, which lasted for a couple of weeks, it is very important to test your water. I would recommend doing this at least once a week when you make water changes.

Use quality testing equipments or kits to monitor your water parameters.

Yellow Tang

Yellow Tang

One of our trusted vendors, Big Al’s Aquarium Services, Ltd. offers a Saltwater Master Test Kitthat includes tests for: High Range pH, Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate. This kit Kit features complete testing instructions, 4 test tubes, a waterproof holding tray for testing bottles, and test tube rack.

Once you have a test kit, test your water and write down your test results. Compare it to your previous test results. If there has been a dramatic change since the last water test in any of the water parameters, action may be required.

See the following:

  • If the pH is too low, conduct a water change. See Acid and pH page for more information on how to raise it.
  • If the ammonia, nitrite or nitrate is too high, conduct water change. See how nitrogen cycle works to understand more about this topic.
  • If carbonate hardness is too low, again, conduct water change and refer to Hardness and Alkalinity page for more information.
  • If your salinity or specific gravity is too high or too low, adjust it accordingly.

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