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The nano cube aquarium is getting more and more popular these days. We love to see a tiny portion of the ocean sitting on our desks.

I think it’s very diverse, serves a lot of function and what I like the most about it, is that it has round corners. You can view all angles of this tiny little tank seamlessly.

It has a clear-view glass which is resistant to scratching or clouding, unlike other acrylic tanks.

I used to keep a nano cube at home. It was a 6-gallon nano reef. It was quite exciting and challenging at the same time. Another great thing about it is that it cost a fraction of what larger reef system costs.

So are you thinking of keeping one yet? For the sake of the animals and your wallet, try to find out first if it is right for you.

Here are some tips for a successful small aquarium, should you consider on taking the challenge of keeping one yourself.

1 – Pick an aquarium kit

Get the one that has a built-in filtration system and lighting system. All you need to decide on now is an appropriate aquarium heater.

Here are icon some of the popular aquarium kits available for you to choose from, including one of my personal favorite – the fan-cooled nano cube. They all pretty much feature stylish bowfront designs with panoramic viewing:

2 – Pick your location wisely

Remember that even a 12-gallon aquarium weighs over 120 lbs when filled! So I would suggest on investing a sturdy aquarium stand that will bear the load and humidity. Most of the aquarium stands also offer extra storage space.

3 – Pick your theme

Aquascaping and stocking plans should be focused around a specific region, species, or community grouping. More info about aquascaping setups.

4 – Do NOT overpopulate

You’ll find your water quality very difficult to maintain if you overpopulate. Remember that patience is a small aquarium hobbyist’s best friends.

So, pick the smallest fish possible, building your community around a small school, one or two showcase fish, and a couple of bottom cleaners.

Also, do not forget to introduce only a few fish at a time over several weeks – if not months, when establishing a new system.

5 – Test and Observe Daily

This is an absolute necessity. Observe daily, test often, and always remedy the problems you discover within the same day.

Fish behavior – gasping, hiding, drifting, or darting – is your best indicator of other “invisible” health dangers to be concerned about. So my best suggestion is keeping a 5-in-1 test kit closeby. You can check our Outlet Store and go to testing equipment category.

I personally prefer theAPI test kits. I can’t stress enough how convenient it is to dip one of these strips and be done with all the testing in one shot.

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You can also check this online store in case you need more selection and mardel products.

Click here to learn more>> about the importance of water testing.

6 – Frequent Partial Water Changes

The best thing you can do for your inhabitants’ health in a nano cube is to change their water – 10% to 20% – once a week. This is especially important if you’re pushing the population limit, or are keeping fish with larger bio-loads.

Water changes? Learn more about it here>>.

7 – Change your filter media often

Follow the manufacturer’s guideline on how often you need to change the filter in the nano cube and make sure you follow it.

You can avoid algae blooms and keep your fish healthy and stress free!

Remember this, some chemical media may begin seeping the excess toxins back into your nano cube reef aquarium when it becomes exhausted and you don’t follow the regular filter maintenance guideline.

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