Live Rock and its Purpose

Live Rock

Live Rock is a rock from the ocean that has been introduced to a saltwater aquarium.

It begins as a skeletal remains of corals. It acts as an ideal habitat for a wide varieties of organisms or microscopic marine life such as plants, animals, algae and invertebrates. It then becomes a "living rock".

It is harvested and remains moistened to preserve most of the marine life living on it and for us hobbyist to enjoy!

Not all the organisms living in this rock are desirable. It has to go through a process called curing.

It usually takes 3-5 weeks. During curing process undesirable animals that are often hidden in the rock are attempted to be removed. It is usually kept in the dark during this process.

Most of the life form on the rock are expected to die off. Most beneficial nitrifying bacteria survives this process.

It offers a couple of benefits to your saltwater aquarium. It functions as a natural biological filter required for the nitrogen cycle.

The amount will determine how well your tank is cycled. Most get 1 pound per gallon for FOWLR - fish only tanks. For marine set up, you would usually get at least 2 pounds per gallon.

It provides a natural food source for some saltwater fish and creates a natural foundation for live corals or other decorations.

It is used to build caves, arches, overhangs and other structures in the aquarium knows as aquascaping.

Live Rock with Coralline Algae

It also stabilize the water chemistry, helping to maintain constant pH by release of calcium.

It also becomes your decoration especially when it is covered with multiple colors of coralline algae.

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